Acoustics Correction

Acoustics, or the science of how sound is transmitted, is a key factor when conceptualizing and 
creating movie theatres.

  • Sound Sources
  • Sound behaviour
  • The equipment and techniques used in the diffusion of sound define the experience of a theatre system. An audio home cinema assortment includes a multi-channel audio decoding system, multi-channel amplification and a number of loudspeakers.

    However, results will be mediocre even if the best equipment is implemented in a room unsuitable for acoustics

  • The acoustic treatment that improves the sound quality is essential for the listening comfort. The dedicated room should have specific proportions based on a number of criteria including the golden ratio / number. However, this is not enough. The reverb modes of the room will indeed be distributed more regularly but a suitable acoustic treatment remains necessary to guarantee optimal comfort. The choice of materials used in the dedicated room is also a very important element as in fact, the real work consists of reconciling efficiency and aesthetics without any comprise in sound quality. Acoustic correction is a technical subject mastered by HORS-CADRE.


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