Setup and material

Having a movie theatre at your home implies the use of quality material and
equipment for impeccable image and sound rendering.

  • Image
  • Sound
  • Seating Comfort
  • The screen layout and size are fundamental elements to consider in the construction of a room dedicated for a home theatre system. The equipment selection varies depending on the surface area of the room. Same for the seating arrangements and distance between the seats and the screen which are both critical to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience. Besides, the size of the image on the screen depends on the viewing angle which is also measured prior installation. Again, it is a matter of reconciling quality with dimensions. For instance, a common mistake is to
    have a screen too big which can result in poor quality images. Last but not least, the choice of a proper video projector and its calibration (e.g. contrast ratio and so forth) both come out as important items on our checklist.

  • High end equipment is of utmost importance, the left/centre/right speakers, as well as the subwoofers should be ideally positioned behind the micro-perforated screen to ensure an immersive experience during the projection.

    At Hors-Cadre, we use high performance loudspeakers, capable of restoring all the dynamics of digital, HQ soundtracks. They are connected to powerful amplifiers with strong analytical capabilities.

    Discs and files are played by powerful multimedia platform paired with a NAS server or hard disk.

  • The seats are to be chosen with meticulous care. If carefully selected and positioned, these will be very comfortable and can eventually be motorized. Ideally, the back should leave the head free for the users to fully enjoy the rendering of the surround system which creates the acoustic atmosphere.

    In order to maximise the space and avoid extraneous light, it is advised to have a separate, dedicated technical room lobby from which the equipment can be remotely controlled. Hors-Cadre is also specialised in the setup and configuration of centralised home automation systems customized for home theatres which can all be controlled from one single tablet.


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